Startup Laboon Tech Recruiting Nodejs Senior Dev for Project PetChat
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Work Location:New York Apartment,Haidian,Beijing (near the Suzhoujie Subway Station) Salary&Pay:fairly above the average in this industry,with extra equity or stock options. Capital Raising: Two million from Innoangel Project Descriptions:

Petchat a social platform called Petchat in which every user would own a virtual cute robot. And this robot could help solve the ice-breaking puzzles and learn the users‘ habbit by communicating with its master as well as under the guidance of the cloud service SDK Senz. With this pet robot, user would find any conversation occured in this platform would be an ease and with great pleasure. And definitely, in this platform, you could get to know lots of people like you, such as with the same taste of food, have the same favor of sports kind and have the relatively exact style of routine life.

Senz-cloud service we start the Senz project out of the aim that: 1.we can help people to know him/her self for adjusting its life to the best way. 2.we let other commercials know how to treat people well and give what the customer’s needs. 3.we make the ads friendly to every user and exact to the peoples’ buying need.

Environments and vision our team feeds on the Algorithm. Although we love engineering, algorithms are through our working routine. We have the geek environment,the cutting-edge industrial products can be found anywhere in our working office.We are lucky to know brilliant people. So if you like what we do, approve how we do, then come and join us.

Job requirements 1.nodejs backend:program the cloud code on the leancloud platform mainly focusing the IM based interactive logic. : at least one year practical experience with node. 2.ios/android engineer:do the front-end page processing and interaction. : at least one year practical experience with ios/android analyzer: Analyze the data gathered from the social platform and building users‘ personalized portrait. : at least two years’ experience of algorithms accumulation, familiar with Bayes, clustering, EM, HMM and etc.

you can contact with our team through email or phone 13311280378 Thanks a lot!

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